Dubai Brunches – Fine Dining Entertainer Guide 2018

Dubai Fine Dining Entertainer brunch guide

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Last Update: 28th September 2018

If, like me, you’re looking to book a brunch in Dubai using the Fine Dining Entertainer App then this guide is for you. Don’t have the app? This post is still useful if you need help deciding on the best Dubai brunch from the many on offer! Haven’t been for a brunch in Dubai before? (read this before you do!)

Not sure what the Entertainer is?

In a nutshell the Entertainer is an app that provides a wide range of “buy one get one free” offers on lots of different restaurants throughout Dubai. It’s around AED 500 up front for the year, but you’ll easily make that back with one brunch so it’s definitely worth considering if you like to eat out. For brunches, I’d recommend the Fine Dining App because it has the best brunch options in my opinion, but there’s a few apps to pick from so you can work out which is best for you (there’s also “The Entertainer Body” which specialise in spas and treatments if you like to pamper yourself!) For all the packages available then have a look at their website here.

I know this article is quite long (and I’ve only focused on a selection of 14 brunches – I’ve listed the additional ones outside of this below as there’s so many options!!) but hopefully it will be helpful in finding you the best brunch!


So if you’re not sure which brunch to dedicate your weekends to, or are simply overwhelmed and don’t have time to research all the options, here’s a guide to what’s on offer to help you make that all important brunch decision…


Best brunches on the Fine Dining Entertainer – 14 brunch reviews for you to pick from! 


Aji, Club Vista Mare – INTI RAYMI Friday brunch or MACHU PISCO Saturday brunch

  • Location: The Palm
  • Packages: Valid on Soft Beverages (Soft beverages AED 375 Friday AED 290 Saturday)) – Friday – Saturday offers a different menu and options
  • Validity: 30/12/18
  • Day: Friday/Saturday
  • Buffet: No, unlimited starters and then a choice on main and a dessert platter (Friday) and canape style options on Saturday.
  • Overview: Nod to Peru here with unlimited Ceviche on the Friday option (as well as sushi), followed by a main course and dessert platter. Saturday is a different affair altogether with canape selections of their main course dishes.
  • Review: Mixed, some reviews comment that the portions are small for the cost (Friday brunch in particular), but others say this is compensated by the quality.
  • Website

Guestbook’s message:For a different cuisine and a non buffet brunch this could be worth trying but reviews are mixed. The other bonus is that Aji offer a Saturday brunch alongside a Friday brunch.


Al Grissino Restaurant & Lounge, DIFC – Friday brunch 


  • Location: DIFC
  • Packages: Not stated (check with restaurant at time of booking as offer may vary)
  • Validity: 30/12/18
  • Day: Friday
  • Buffet: No
  • Overview: Italian a la carte selection with live music and a view of the Burj Khalifa.
  • Reviews: Very good but not one of the well known brunches so not many reviews. We thoroughly enjoyed our recent visit though – full review here.
  • Website

Guestbook’s message: “For a quiet and relaxed set menu Italian brunch with views over Downtown have Al Grissino on your list.” 

A.O.C All Day Dining – Le Grand Brunch

  • Location: Sofitel, JBR
  • Packages: Packages including Soft Beverages only (AED 345 – House beverages)
  • Validity: 30/12/18
  • Day: Friday
  • Buffet: Yes
  • Overview: French themed buffet style brunch
  • Reviews: Mixed! Some really great reviews, especially for overall value, but some questions regarding quality (but then again it is a cheaper brunch).
  • Website

Guestbook’s message: “A cheaper traditional brunch style option in JBR.”


Asia Asia – The Spice Route Friday Brunch

  • Location: Pier 7, Dubai Marina
  • Packages: All excluding bubbly (House beverages: AED 449, House beverages including sparkly AED 549).
  • Validity: Until 3o/12/18
  • Day: Friday
  • Buffet: No, unlimited orders from a shorter version menu served at your table
  • Overview: A later brunch (2-5pm) providing great views across the Marina with a wide selection of options on offer.
  • Reviews: A lot better value than dinner so would recommend if you’d like to try Asia Asia – the views alone are worth it. Note though it’s not a buffet brunch and a some reviews are more mixed on the offer, although generally it is well praised as a brunch option.
  • Website

Guestbook’s message: “If you’re going to visit here then definitely pick brunch over dinner for better value dining and a chance to sample lots of dishes. Although it has gone up in price for 2018”

Atelier M – Friday Brunch

  • Location: Pier 7, Dubai Marina
  • Packages: Valid on House Beverages (AED 399). Advance booking is required.
  • Validity: Until 31/08/18
  • Day: Friday (1-4pm)
  • Buffet: Serving platters with a combination of Asian and Italian dishes (strange but it does work!) – this might have changed though as the brunch has recently been revamped!
  • Overview: Previously an evening brunch, Atelier M have had a change with the launch of their new Feathers & Pearls 1920s inspired brunch. Being near the top of the Pier 7 restaurant offerings, the restaurant benefits from some great views over the Marina.
  • Reviews: Limited reviews as this is brand new! Based on the old brunch can imagine this is still a party based offer but time will tell.
  • Website

Guestbook’s message: “It’s a shame to lose another evening brunch because there aren’t that many available, but let’s hope the location and theme of this brunch could make this one a winner.”

Cafe Belge, Ritz Carlton DIFC – Friday Brunch & Saturday Retro Brunch

Cafe Belge Brunch, Ritz Carlton DIFC Dubai

  • Location: Ritz Carlton, DIFC
  • Packages: Valid on Soft Drinks & House Beverages packages – confirm when booking (AED 495 House Beverages – Friday & AED 325 House Beverages – Saturday)
  • Validity: 30/12/18
  • Day: Friday (12-4pm) and Saturday (12-5pm)
  • Buffet: Yes (Friday only), Saturday is a sharing seafood platter and then an unlimited selection of starters, mains and desserts
  • Overview: Friday is your traditional buffet with 17 stations and everything from Seafood. Dim Sum to a BBQ station. Saturday is a different affair as mentioned with a selection from the menu available for unlimited orders.
  • Reviews: I wanted to love the Friday brunch here but I was a little disappointed with the layout and atmosphere (there was a really loud DJ playing dance tracks from the off which wasn’t really what we were expecting!)We still enjoyed it though and I’d be keen to try the Saturday when options are often limited.
  • Website

Guestbook’s message: “A varied buffet Friday brunch in DIFC with a party atmosphere – see the full review of the Friday brunch on the blog. There’s also a Saturday brunch set menu option too”.

Crescendo, Anantara – Cork n Fork Friday brunch


  • Location: Anantara, East Crescent – the Palm
  • Packages: Valid on Soft Drinks & House Beverages packages – confirm when booking (AED 525 House Beverages but no bubbly in this package)
  • Validity: 30/12/18
  • Day: Friday (1pm-4pm)
  • Buffet: Yes
  • Overview: A large scale buffet brunch with a number of stations offering foods from around the world as well as a selection of drinks stations.
  • Reviews: Reviews for the most part are very good and this does provide a good all rounder with a varied offering. It’s a shame that prosecco is not included in the options on the Entertainer though because it is at the high end in terms of brunch prices and not sure it fully justifies this. Read my review here.
  • Website

Guestbook’s message: “The option to please a range of tastes and ages if you’re looking for a traditional Dubai style brunch but a few more mixed reviews of late”


Ewaan, The Palace Downtown – 1,001 flavours Brunch 


  • Location: The Palace Hotel, Downtown Dubai
  • Packages: Valid on Premium (AED 510 – house beverages) and Detox Brunch (AED345 – soft beverages)
  • Validity: 30/12/18
  • Day: Friday (1pm-4.30pm)
  • Buffet: Yes
  • Overview: An impressive high quality buffet brunch in lovely surroundings with outdoor and indoor seating.
  • Reviews: Very good reviews generally here and you can see why. Ewaan are experts in buffets generally (see our buffet night reviews here), and whilst not as extensive as the mega buffets at some brunches, there’s plenty of variety to please everyone and the quality is excellent here. This is a great one to impress guests with and there’s views over the pool and towards Burj Lake in winter months from the outside terrace.
  • Website

Guestbook’s message: “A traditional Dubai buffet style brunch with the wow factor based on location as well as the quality of food on offer”. 


Giardino at Palazzo Versace – Friday brunch


  • Location: Versace Hotel, Al Jaddaf
  • Packages: House (House beverages – AED 550)
  • Validity: 30/12/18
  • Day: Friday
  • Buffet: Yes
  • Overview: In the beautiful Versace hotel, this brunch also includes pool access (which might help you justify the price and the location).
  • Reviews: There’s limited reviews on this new addition to the hotel and brunch scene but they are positive despite this. Pool access is a good addition too. Read the full review here.
  • Website

Guestbook’s message: “I really want to visit the Versace Hotel so this would be a perfect excuse. I’m expecting good things based on the reviews and reputation so would make a day of it with the pool too!”


Hoi An, Shangri La Hotel, SZR – 50 flavours of Vietman


  • Location: Shangri La Hotel, Sheik Zayed Road
  • Packages: Valid on house packages. House Beverages package (included sparkling wine when we went!) – AED 310
  • Validity: 30/12/18
  • Day: Friday/Saturday
  • Buffet: No
  • Overview: Vietnamese food. Wide selection of dishes brought to your table which you can then reorder depending on your favourites. Great way to try a wide variety of dishes.
  • Reviews: Very good, although not a lot of reviews on this but recommended for something a bit different from your traditional brunch. See the full review here.
  • Website

Guestbook’s message: “Quieter, more intimate brunch – but amazing food and selection as well as excellent value (especially if bubbles are still included!). It also offers a Saturday brunch option.”

Nineteen – Friday Brunch

Nineteen-Address-Dubai- brunch-desserts

  • Location: The Address Montgomerie (golf course)
  • Packages: Not published on website – check with restaurant directly as may vary
  • Validity: 30/12/18 – Friday
  • Day: Friday
  • Buffet: Yes
  • Overview: A small (but good) buffet selection including seafood, salads and roasts (as well as a pork station) in a chilled out setting overlooking the golf course.
  • Reviews: Very good! For the full review see here.
  • Website

Guestbook’s message: “Very relaxed and intimate affair for a chilled out Friday brunch in a great setting. Go in winter to make the most of the view.”


Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Friday Brunch, The Address Dubai Marina


  • Location: Dubai Marina
  • Packages: Valid on Soft Beverages (AED 315 soft drink package) – CHECK BEFORE BOOKING – recent reviews have stated a AED200 surcharge for using the Entertainer so check first!
  • Validity: 30/12/18
  • Day: Friday (2 seatings – 12.30 – 4pm and 7 – 11pm)
  • Buffet: No, selection served to table and option for repeat orders
  • Overview: Steak is the speciality here but good reviews and quality noted through all courses even if steak isn’t your favourite.
  • Reviews: Good – renowned for good steak and an even better ladies night, this place has a reputation for quality and delivers this offering a nice alternative to the buffet brunch.
  • Website

Guestbook’s message: “Great Steak but also a wide range of options for your non-steak loving friends too. Note. there’s no beer on the list of drinks if that’s important to you!”


Suq, Four Seasons Jumeirah – Friday brunch


  • Location: Four Seasons Jumeirah
  • Packages: Valid on house packages. House Beverages package (includes sparkling wine) – AED 500
  • Validity: 30/12/18
  • Day: Friday
  • Buffet: Yes
  • Overview: Traditional brunch style with a number of stations with lots of options freshly prepared by dedicated counter chefs. Not as extensive as other choices, but makes up for it with the quality on offer.
  • Reviews: Overall very good but not as big a selection as your larger buffet brunches. It seems slightly under the radar on the brunch scene, having said that we really enjoyed it (but you need to sit outside). See the full review here.
  • Website

Guestbook’s message: “Quality food and lovely surroundings. My favourite in the cooler months with a chilled out vibe and saxophone player – make sure you sit outside.”

Thiptara, The Palace Downtown – Taste of Thai Lunch 


  • Location: The Palace Hotel, Downtown Dubai
  • Packages: Valid on Soft (AED 240) and House (AED 370) packages
  • Validity: 30/12/18
  • Day: Friday (12.30pm-3.30pm)
  • Buffet: No, set menu
  • Overview: Another offering at the Palace hotel. This time a Thai focus with a delicious (and very reasonable) set menu option in a beautiful location.
  • Reviews: Excellent. This isn’t your traditional brunch but you won’t leave hungry, with a chance to sample a wide range of dishes from Thiptara’s menu. A perfect date location or for any Thai food lover. Definitely opt for brunch over dinner in terms of value for money. Full review on what’s on offer at the brunch here.
  • Website

Guestbook’s message: “A great set menu brunch option with delicious food and great views over Burj Lake and Burj Khalifa. Bonus of outdoor terrace seating during the winter months”. 


Other options on the Entertainer

Just in case the selection highlighted isn’t enough(!), then there’s also additional brunch offers at the following:

Downtown & Business Bay:

Fogo de Chao, The City Grill, Karma Kafe, Stk – Downtown & Patiala

DIFC & surrounding area:

Dusit Thani, Flavours on Two & Gaucho (Summer Brunch)

Marina & JBR area:

El Sur, Observatory Bar & Grill (31/10) & STK – JBR

The Palm: 

Seagrill Bistro (The Fairmont)

Further a field:

Farriers (Meydan), Al Dawaar (Deira) & Safi (Ajman – Saturdays only)

*A note on how this list was created:

The majority of the above were identified from typing “brunch” into the search function on the Entertainer but this means you do miss some of the other buffet options available (although these buffets often exclude drinks, whereas at a brunch they are for the most part included).  It’s also worth noting that if a venue has a “buffet” voucher this is often not applicable for the brunch so do double check when booking with the venue! 


Happy brunching!

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Note. All details are correct at the time of writing but as with all offers they can be subject to change so please double check before you book! The Entertainer has monthly offers too so there will be new additions and the post will be updated regularly to include these but always have a look and double check before you book to make sure you have the most up to date offers just in case there are any changes. Hopefully the above should help as a guide though. Please note I didn't receive any freebies in putting this together, I just love brunch and a good deal!!


  1. J h Woollcott
    September 5, 2018 / 11:59 am

    Will ritz carlton be having a two for one brunch with entertainer in the restaurant Caravan
    Thank you J h Woollcott

    • Kate Noble
      September 6, 2018 / 4:05 am

      Hi, thanks for the comment. Ritz Carlton Caravan had offers last year but to the best of my knowledge there hasn’t been anything this year unfortunately. There’s nothing available at the moment but that could change! I update this monthly so will check but at the moment it’s only Cafe Belge in the Ritz Carlton DIFC. You could always check with the Entertainer directly or the Ritz Carlton in case they have more details – sorry we couldn’t be of more help! We will keep our fingers crossed that there will be an offer soon : )