RTA ferry trip to the Creek

One thing on a lot of people’s lists when visiting Dubai is to go on a boat. For me it’s never been such an appealing option (from previous seasickness episodes!), but I’m hoping for a new start in Dubai and have ventured out on the water to see what options exist in Dubai.

The RTA ferry is a good option if you want to head down to the Creek and don’t fancy the metro or a taxi. It runs from Dubai Marina Mall (just up from Pier 7) at 11am, 1pm and 6.30pm and costs AED 50 per person for a silver ticket and 75 per person for a gold ticket. This is for a one way trip. Bear in mind that this is meant to be a commuter ferry really so the times don’t match up the other end so I’d probably suggest getting the metro or a taxi for your return journey unless you want to spend a good amount of time at the Creek (check out this article for planning your visit to the Creek for inspiration).


Pros of the RTA ferry:

Cost per person –  it’s pretty competitive and you see all the sights including the Palm (it goes around the bottom rather than the top so you won’t see Atlantis up close so that’s worth noting). You also pass the Burj al Arab as well as getting a great view of Downtown from the sea and the lovely Kite beach.

Length of journey – as it’s a commuter service it’s relatively quick with only one stop at the newly open Dubai Canal. In total the journey takes around an hour and a half.

Seating – comfy seats and air conditioned make for a very relaxing trip. The gold carriage is pretty empty if you want an extra VIP feeling for a small additional fee.




Timings – they are quite sporadic so check first and as mentioned above they don’t quite match up in terms of the return journey but I’d suggest a one way journey is all you need anyway.

Outdoor area – Although there is an outdoor area it’s relatively small and gets very busy (especially for sunset timings). Inside is lovely and air conditioned but if you want an outdoor experience remember you’ll be with quite a few other people who do too!

The video  – It’s a commuter boat so there’s no tourism information provided on this boat which is a shame but there is a safety and RTA travel video that plays again, again and again. You’ve been warned!!


The Guestbook comment:A great alternative to a taxi or metro to get to the Creek as well as ticking off a boat tour at the same time for a reasonable price, just don’t expect the tourist information on route!”

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