Kate’s favourite beaches

Ok so here’s a tricky one – favourite beaches.

This was another one that came to me in my procrastination photo album browsing (the iPad had a “memories” album it had pulled together called – “At the Beach”), and it got me thinking, what are my favourite beaches? In no particular order…

Thailand – Railay beach in Krabi

Railay beach is a beautiful bay backed by spectacular limestone crags. It’s just around the corner from the famous Ao Nang which is equally stunning but I think Railay just edges it. Both can only be accessed by boat and I’d recommend it (and I don’t like boats). We got a ferry from Phi Phi before transferring to a smaller traditional long tail boat which has to be on the hit list if visiting Thailand. Spend a few days chilling and pinching yourself that it isn’t all a dream. (For the full lowdown on Railay see this blog).


Railay Beach, Krabi – Thailand


Barbados – Port St. Charles

Start at Port St. Charles and keep walking along the beaches of the West Coast, it can’t be beaten. The brilliant and refreshing thing about Barbados is that despite the lavish villas that line the West Coast, all the beaches are public so you can literally walk for miles on pristine sand with turquoise waves (as well as have a quick snoop in at the villas as you walk by!)


Port St Charles, West Coast – Barbados


Anglesey – Llanddwyn beach

Llanddwyn beach is closer to home but breathtakingly beautiful. This untouched stretch of coast makes me so grateful to be from North Wales and proud of the stunning scenery it offers. Sometimes the saying that what you’re searching for is closer to home than you think is so accurate when I think of places such as this beach and the North Wales coast.


Llanddwyn Beach – Anglesey


Corfu – Marathias beach 

Marathias beach positioned on the south coast of Corfu, this beach is golden sand and stretches for miles in both directions so it never feels crowded. Imposing dunes and cliffs provide a backdrop as you walk along the beach and the sea is great for a swim, especially if you time it right and enjoy a few big waves – you’ve been warned!


Barcelona – Barceloneta Beach

Barcelona really does have everything as far as a city goes and spoils visitors, even throwing a beach in as if the endless sights already weren’t enough. Even when visiting in November I love nothing more than a stroll along the beach seeing the sights with the iconic sail shape of the W hotel in the background.


Barceloneta Beach – Barcelona


I’m stopping at 5 because I imagine there will be a few new entries on my adventures from my new home in Dubai.

The next thing is to rank them…

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  1. Karen Ellwood
    June 22, 2017 / 7:23 am

    Kate you need a visit to Boa Vista Cape Verde – your favourite beaches would soon change!!!

    • Kate Noble
      June 25, 2017 / 7:29 pm

      Hi Karen, thanks for the tip! I’ve heard such good things about Cape Verde so will definitely have to add this to the list of places to see and check it out! The pictures I’ve seen from there look incredible!