Review: Drinks at Jetty Lounge, One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai


What’s the story?

Jetty Lounge is a bar within the very impressive grounds of the One & Only Royal Mirage near the Dubai Marina. The One & Only brand is renowned for luxury and there’s currently two hotels in Dubai. Both hotels offer stunning locations for both food and drink. They are relatively close by boat (which is provided by the hotel, more on this below). They offer something special if you like your drinks with a view.





Jetty Lounge is situated in the One & Only Royal Mirage just outside Dubai Marina next to the mega resort of Le Meredien/The Westin Mina Seyani. You could miss this hotel as it’s set back behind greenery and is perhaps more discreet than it’s neighbours. That’s until you get inside. Flames lining the main drive way and the grand entrance show that this place competes and exudes more luxury than it’s more visible neighbours.

You don’t need to go through the main hotel to get to Lobby Lounge which has a separate main entrance but make sure you do anyway (especially after the sun sets). Go on the way out and have a look at the beautiful pool illuminated by candles. There’s also a wide selection of restaurants if you want to make a night of it.




Jetty Lounge itself (is as you might have guessed) is situated near a jetty. This is the jetty that offers a boat to take you across to the sister hotel on the Palm.

Bear in mind that the boat is small. You often need to have a booking at one of the restaurants at the other hotel to confirm your seat so do this in advance. Bar 101 in the One & Only on the Palm is definitely worth the effort to visit for stunning Marina views.




Jetty Lounge views




Being situated right on the beach there’s perfect views over the beachfront and the sea especially at sunset. There’s also views across to the Palm. Perhaps not as picturesque due to the construction work, but then this is Dubai so construction work is part of the landscape!




Look behind you too for views of the Marina skyscrapers which appear above the palm trees providing the perfect photo opportunity.




Make sure you arrive before sunset to get a table and see the bar in the daylight and at night. Both are pretty spectacular. Note that this bar is very much made for the winter because the majority of seating is outdoors so save it for the cooler months. Seating varies from relaxed bean bags on the beach, to more traditional seating (albeit all very modern in design) in the main area.

The hotel reserves certain seating areas for hotel guests only so you’ll be seated on arrival. It can get busy but the staff are pretty good at finding you space and you shouldn’t have to wait long.





Until recently there used to be a happy hour here but perhaps due to the popularity this is no longer the case so all deals are gone. This usually doesn’t sit well with me (ever the one for a deal), but I’ll make an exception here. It’s a pretty special bar and one of my favourites for sunsets. Drinks don’t come cheap but they are not significantly different to other bars. A cocktail will set you back around AED 60-80 so drink slowly!! On the plus side the olives served as complimentary are delicious so be sure to ask for seconds!





There’s a range of light bites available in terms of food. Again, they are not the cheapest so perhaps save your dining for elsewhere. If you’re looking to share a starter or a snack though then there’s a wide range of sharing platters available.

You could also use the opportunity to visit the One & Only on the Palm for food and make a reservation at one of the restaurants. It’s definitely worthwhile getting the boat here. Whilst it might look close, it’s a long journey by taxi to the very outer frond where the other One & Only is positioned. The boat is definitely the quickest and cheapest option (it’s free!). It’s also a good novelty and a great way to take in the Marina views.

Options at the One & Only Palm

We went for tapas at Bar 101 but unfortunately you can’t reserve here (only the formal dining not the tapas bar) which makes it a bit tricky for the boat. You might get lucky though, we were able to nab the last two seats without a reservation but it’s not always guaranteed.

Alternatives in the One & Only Royal Mirage for food include the formal dining (and very grand) Celebrities.  A more relaxed buffet style restaurant is also on offer at Olives. Or if you’re enjoying the beach then the Beach Bar & Grill is a good choice. I’d head straight to EauZone though which is impressive in itself in terms of location with another beach front location. The food is Asian inspired here and you can also pop in just for drinks if you want an alternative to Jetty Lounge.



Jetty Lounge is definitely worth a visit for a sundowner or two and one to tick off the bucket list. It’s not the cheapest of options without deals or happy hours, but the location and setting make it special and justify the cost.



The Guestbook’s comment: “One to impress visitors with or just to treat yourself. It’s a good reminder of why Dubai is a great place to visit or live in and offers some excellent views (and drinks). Head down in the winter before sunset to take in the beach and skyscraper views of Dubai”. 

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