Asia trip – Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Arriving at the pier at Ton Sai Bay you can see why people fall in love with the beautiful Koh Phi Phi. The drawback of this beauty is the crowds that tend to flock here but given we were visiting in low season it was relatively quiet as we started exploring the island.


Long tail boats along Ton Sai Bay

Ton Sai village, which connects the two bays on the island, is a maze of alleyways lined with stalls as well as places to eat and drink so you won’t be short of options. Although if you are planning on staying on Phi Phi then plan in advance, especially in high season, it gets booked up quickly.

We strolled through the streets stopping for a bite to eat in one of the many cafes. You can imagine just how busy these alleyways and places could become in peak season and it could be something reminiscent of a Glastonbury crowd as you try and walk from stage to stage. Nevertheless the so called “tourist village” is pretty and is good for a stroll. It’s a short stroll though, and in a matter of minutes you are at the stunning Loh Dalum Bay on the other side of the island. (The narrowest part of the island can easily be crossed in a few minutes).

Ton Sai Village

Stalls walking through Ton Sai Village

Loh Dalum Bay is beautiful and this is definitely the type of beach you come to Thailand for. Enclosed by limestone crags, the bay provides shallow turquoise water meaning that you can walk out quite a way and it doesn’t get deep.

Loh Dalum Bay

Loh Dalum Bay (Josh in the distance)

We were limited on time so sat back and took it all in, with a dip in the water to cool down – bliss.

In hindsight a night on Phi Phi would have been a good idea so we would have had time to check out more of the island, as well as the Phi Phi viewpoint which provides an amazing view of the island. But even though it was a quick visit, it was definitely worth including Phi Phi on the way to our next destination Railay. I just hope that this stunner of an island manages to preserve those looks given it’s popularity as the island in the South to visit.

The Guestbook comment: “Definitely worth a visit and a night or two to see the beauty that is Phi Phi. Warning though it can get busy so book ahead or opt for out of season to have the beach to yourself (well almost). Head up to the viewpoint for that wow moment and look down over the two bays and realise how special Thailand is.”

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